What to Look For in an Athletic Fit Polo

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athletic fit polo shirts

Those who take care of their bodies deserve the right to look great in polo shirts that are tailored for their physiques. Unfortunately, large clothing brands neglect this demographic by focusing on boxy polos that aren’t meant for fit guys.

What to Look For in an Athletic Fit Polo

Traditional athletic fit polo shirts  are typically made of knitted fabrics. Two of the most popular types are pique and jersey.

Pique fabric is characterized by its woven and waffle-like pattern. It is durable and flexible with natural stretch built in for a comfortable, soft feel.

The elasticity of a pique fabric will help create a slim-fitting, athletic polo shirt. Whether you’re looking for cotton or a blend, look for fabrics that have four-way stretch for optimal performance.

Alternatively, opt for a fabric that has moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry all day long. This is particularly useful for summer work or team sports.

How to Find the Best Athletic Fit Polo Shirts for Your Workouts and Beyond

When buying a new polo, unfasten the top two buttons to check how the neck area lays on your body. Ideally, it should sit snug to the skin and not extend beyond your armpits — otherwise it will appear as though it has been trampled on.

When selecting a polo, choose a material that can stand up to multiple washes without breaking down. Wrinkle-resistant fabrics can also keep your polo looking new even after several wears. Additionally, look for blends that contain strategic synthetics like polyester and spandex. These fabrics are designed to offer more of the features listed above, including anti-pilling and moisture wicking.

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