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What is a caster wheel?

Casters are a type of wheel that incorporates a metal frame to support swiveling or fixed-position movement. They are common in office and industrial settings, where they are used to move furniture, tool boxes, heavy machinery, waste disposal bins, and other items from one location to another.

What is a caster wheel , the most common kind of caster, support a variety of swiveling movements, including axial and transverse (from side to side). They also feature a turning radius, which allows them to turn easily while maintaining straight motion.

Locked casters are more rigid than swivel casters, but can still roll along any horizontal axis. They are available in various designs, and some may contain both a swivel lock and a rotational lock.

Heavy-Duty Mobility Solutions: A Guide to Choosing the Right Large Caster Wheels

Brake features are commonly found on industrial casters to help protect the operator and their equipment, but can be difficult to use. Side brakes are designed to lock or unlock the caster wheels when a foot pedal on the side is pressed.

Hard rubber caster wheels are durable and resistant to most chemicals, oils, greases, cleaning agents, and other materials. They are tough, non-marking, and have a hardness of 70 to 80 D.

Forged steel casters are stronger and more resilient than ductile steel wheels, allowing them to withstand high temperatures while resisting heavy loads. They are available in a variety of sizes and tread patterns, and some can be customized to fit a particular application.

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