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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many residents of DC have found a way to cope with staying indoors by ordering delivery from local weed delivery services. These companies are legal to use as they don’t require medical marijuana cards, but they do carry some risk as the law is a bit unclear on their status. Some are operating in the Initiative 71 loophole while others are illegal businesses that operate outside the regulated cannabis market.

Where is the best weed in America?

Depending on the weed delivery service you use, there could be a variety of additional charges to consider. Some services charge a delivery fee, while others may require a minimum purchase amount. This could add up to an additional $100 for a typical order, so it is important to factor in this extra cost when shopping around for weed.

Some of the best weed delivery dc services offer an array of options, from top-shelf flower to concentrates and pre-rolls. They also feature a selection of edibles, accessories, and other products. For example, Mood Bud has an extensive selection of therapeutic flowers, including their popular Waffles strain and a range of other flavors. The company also offers top-notch customer service and fast, hassle-free deliveries.


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