Vancouver’s Magic Mushroom Dispensary

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In a Vancouver neighborhood dotted with unlicensed pot cafes, it’s as easy to buy magic mushrooms dispensary canada as it is to buy a cup of coffee. The city has seen a shroom boom, with at least four new dispensaries opening in recent months, and dozens more selling the hallucinogenic fungi online. The new shops tout the benefits of psilocybin, a compound found in these psychoactive mushrooms, which the medical community is increasingly studying for its therapeutic use in treating mental health conditions and end-of-life distress.

Healing Alchemy: Unveiling Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

But these mushroom stores operate in a legal grey area, and many of their customers say they have no idea about the risks involved in taking the drugs. While Health Canada says it is conducting research into the therapeutic potential of magic mushrooms, it hasn’t yet approved them for sale as a drug to be used under supervision.

A few of these shops are openly advertising their wares in shopfronts on the streets, and others are operating out of basements or garages. Most owners say they aren’t trying to hide their operations or evade the law, but they are concerned about being raided by police who may be more focused on tackling the sale of marijuana and other illicit drugs.

At the Shroomyz store, owner James Lyman calls his business a “medical protest.” He and his employees offer “microdoses” of dried mushrooms, which cost $10 for a gram or $200 for an ounce. He has a variety of strains, including Penis Envy and Daddy Long Legs, as well as psychedelic water, which he sells in flavors such as chamomile lavender tea and green tea honey.

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