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tv commercial video production

In this article, we’ll take a look at the process of creating tv commercial video. We’ll also cover some tips and advice to help make your next production run smoothly.

During the tv commercial video production phase, we will work with you to define your video’s purpose, target audience, core messaging and tone. We will also help you select the best style of video – such as animated or live action – and discuss logistics like filing permits and booking talent.

Once we’ve agreed on a concept, the creative team will start to flesh out the visuals. This step is where the magic happens! We’ll help you capture the perfect shots to convey your message, and ensure that each frame supports the overall narrative.

Lights, Camera, Sell: Inside the World of TV Commercial Video Production

We’ll also create a call sheet, which will guide the crew and talent through the production day. This will include a detailed breakdown of each scene, who’s needed for which part of the shoot, and any other key information (e.g., b-roll locations).

Before we get to the editing stage, we’ll need to record any voiceovers and produce any music that you need for your video. It’s always a good idea to get copyright clearance for any music you use, as this will protect you from potential copyright issues in the future.

Once the editing is complete, we’ll send your video file to Clearcast for approval. They’ll check that the final ad hasn’t deviated too much from the script approved at the outset, and that any graphics or supers (the small print at the bottom of TV commercials) are both legible and held on screen for long enough to be understood.

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