The Boom in Interest in Womens Booty

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womens booty

A few years ago, the era of heroin chic, in which supermodel butts were celebrated as ideal, started to shift. It may have been triggered by the rise of hip hop music, which is more popular among Black women. But it could also have been the result of a broader cultural shift toward curvy women and body positivity, say experts.

The resulting boom in interest in womens booty has prompted many new products and workouts designed to boost the buttocks. The makers of padded panties, which are worn over underwear and leave only the tush and cheeks exposed, are seeing sales skyrocket. For example, the company Feel Foxy says 2014 has been its best year since it launched in 2009.

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Some critics have called out this new boom in interest in big butts as a form of fetishism. The fetishization of big butts, they say, is just as harmful as the fetishism of ultra-skinny bodies. But others argue that the resurgence of the bum is good for women who have struggled with eating disorders and other eating and weight-related issues.

Womens butt come in all shapes and sizes. A plastic surgeon has even developed a set of classifications, including the square butt, the V-shaped butt, the A-shaped butt and the round butt, which looks like an upside down heart. All have different amounts of fat and muscle, and some can be shaped by exercise. The bottoms of some womens bodies are so smooth that they feel almost silky to the touch.

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