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Spray foam Newton is a quick and effective way to reduce heating and cooling costs while lowering drafts, cold floors, and ice dams. The foam creates an air seal, preventing hot and cold spots while also reducing mold growth. It’s a great solution for homes with unvented attics, homes with HVAC equipment, and homes with wood framing.

Air leakage in your home is a leading contributor to high energy bills, and spray foam insulation is the best solution for this issue. The foam expands to fill all the cracks and crevices, making it a very effective air barrier. The foam also provides sound dampening and helps to reduce moisture penetration into your home.

Sustainability Spotlight: Newton’s Role in the Green Movement with Spray Foam Insulation

While it’s true that some spray foams have a high VOC content, or volatile organic compounds, there are low-VOC spray foam options available. This means that you can receive all the benefits of spray foam without the toxic fumes and off-gassing. You should always ask your contractor what kind of spray foam they use and be sure that it’s low-VOC.

If you’re interested in receiving a home energy assessment and weatherization work, contact the City of Newton’s Mass Save program. You’ll be matched with a local contractor that can perform the assessment and recommended weatherization work. They will test your home using a blower door and can help you choose spray foam insulation as part of your energy upgrade.

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