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If you color your hair frequently, it is important to maintain your color by scheduling consistent root touch ups. This will allow your roots to remain consistent and keep the overall color uniform.

How long does root touch up last?

Besides the fact that this is an inexpensive service, a root touch up before and after will also elongate the time between full services by several weeks.

You can get temporary root touch ups that are formulated in sprays, pastes or powders to blend your roots into the rest of your dyed hair. These products are easy to apply and can be a quick fix for those in-between colors.

Temporary Root Touch Ups:

One of the most popular options on the market is a powder that can be brushed onto your scalp to hide any gray hairs that peek through. This product is a GH Beauty Lab favorite, and testers agree that it does not flake or look cakey after application.

Oribe’s Root Touch Up Spray:

Another favorite, this root touch up spray comes in a variety of shades to blend with varying levels of blonde and brunette hair color. The spray formula is like a dry shampoo, which is good for absorbing oil and making your hair feel fresher.

Madison Reed’s Root Touch Up Powder:

This root touch up powder comes in seven different hues and can help camouflage gray hairs or add dimension to blonde tones. It also offers added volume, which is a plus if you have thinning or thin hair. The powder is easily brushed on and feels weightless on your scalp, according to GH Beauty Lab testers. It also has a double-ended brush that makes it easy to cover small areas and highlights.

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