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Getting porta potties for your event is an essential part of planning an outdoor event. Without adequate bathrooms, your guests will be disappointed and may leave early. A rented porta potty can help alleviate long lines at the restrooms, and keep your event running smoothly.

What are the 2 classification of waste?

Porta potty rental come in a variety of sizes and features. There are basic and deluxe types. Standard portable washrooms include a toilet seat, a wall-mounted urinal, and ventilation. Some units have a hand-washing station and a sink. In addition, there are solar-powered porta potties that use energy-efficient solar panels to power lighting, faucets, and hands-free flushing.

Whether you are planning a big celebration or a small gathering, the location and number of attendees will have an impact on the type and quantity of porta potties you need. If you plan to serve food or alcohol at your event, it’s also important to plan for restrooms.

The cost of porta potty rentals varies from area to area. For example, in New York, a basic unit with a water sink next to the toilet costs about $75. Deluxe models include separate compartments for different needs. It’s not uncommon to add additional features, such as air purifiers, a sink, and more.

Depending on the company you choose, you may be charged extra fees for delivery and pickup. You may also have to pay for fuel or waste-handling services. These expenses are often added to the base price.


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