Netball Basics – What is a Netball Pitch?

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netball pitch

The netball pitch is a rectangle with a goal at each end. It’s divided into different areas for each position on the team.

When a player is in possession of the ball, they must pass to a teammate or shoot for a goal within 3 seconds. If they don’t, the ball goes to the other team for a free pass. Players must also not replant their landing foot (they can pivot on it though).

The Ultimate Guide to Netball Pitch Dimensions: Know the Rules Inside Out

Each team has two Centres, one Wing Attack and one Goal Attack. The Wing Attack is the playmaker on the court, positioned in the attacking zone and the centre third, while the Goal Attack is positioned in the centre and goal third to help create scoring opportunities for their team.

A game of netball consists of four quarters each lasting 15 minutes. The teams switch ends after a quarter. A match is won by the first team to score more goals than their opponent.

The centre circle is a small circular area located in the center of the court. It’s a key part of the court, and only the Centre and the opposing Centre are allowed inside it during a match. During the game, the Centre throws the ball from the centre of the circle at the beginning of each quarter and from every centre pass. The Centre can then pass the ball to a GA or WD player. The GA and WD must be in their centre or goal thirds to receive the pass.

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