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Mega Patches

Show off your love for the horde with this fabric sew on patch which is made from durable materials to hold up against any environment. It features the Mad Viking Original Skully logo and is 13 inches wide and 14 inches tall. Resource: https://www.megapatches.com/

Unlike other cold patch products which simply stay in place by weight, MEGA PATCH(tm) bonds to the sidewalls of the pothole and becomes part of the pavement when it dries. MEGA PATCH(tm) is also environmentally safe, containing no V.O.Cs, no old asphalt, or bitumen and it has a much longer shelf life than other cold patches.

Mega Patch Mania: Trends and Styles Taking Over the Fashion Scene

MEGA PATCH(tm) is made from a non-toxic, non-hazardous blend of water-based co-polymer binder, and selected stone aggregates. MEGA PATCH(tm) can be made in black, gray or tan and when the asphalt dries it will take on the color of the stones used in the mix. The result is a stronger patch that will not delaminate or deteriorate under heavy traffic.

To use the mega evolution system in Fire Red, after patching your ROM with Lunar IPS, select the Pokemon you want to mega evolve and then add the corresponding mega stone from your inventory to the game. Afterwards, the Pokemon will automatically mega-evolve in battle, but it will revert after the battle is over.

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