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Designed for the toughest applications, low profile heavy duty casters are made of robust steel welded construction. They are perfect for moving furniture, large items, and other equipment. They also provide the strength and durability necessary for carts, semi-live skid carts, and general utility trucks.

 How do you adjust caster height?

Heavy-Duty Swivel Casters have a smooth swivel action and come with a grease nipple for easy installation. Swivel casters are ideal for moving furniture, tables, sofas, and movable kitchen islands. They are also used in furniture trucks and bar carts. These casters are available in a wide variety of wheel sizes and weight capacities.

Swivel casters are manufactured with precision ball bearings for smooth and quiet mobility. They are also durable and chemical resistant. Some are also made of polyurethane or rubber. They are a great replacement for older, less efficient casters.

Heavy-Duty Swivel casters are designed with an extra heavy central king pin for maximum strength and durability. They also have a dust-proof nylon seal. They feature double-ball races for extra strength and a smooth swivel action. They are also made of a sturdy zinc-plated finish. These casters are ideal for warehouses, platform trucks, and general utility trucks.

The Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) Series is a major upgrade to the PSD Series. It features new tooling, dies, and swivel technology. These casters are designed to accommodate loads of up to 10 tons. They also offer high shock absorption capability. They are designed for warehouse carts, platform trucks, and dollies.

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