Clear Eyebrow Gel – Which Clear Brow Gel is Right For You?

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clear eyebrow gel

Grooming your eyebrows isn’t just a beauty step — it’s a crucial part of your entire look. And a good clear eyebrow gel is the secret to locking arches into place and achieving the perfect sculpted look. The best clear brow gels are easy to use, don’t add color and help tame unruly hairs and give a polished finish. And luckily, there are tons of options on the market rn. To help you choose the best formula for your needs, I rounded up the top clear brow gels for every hair texture and skin tone (chosen with the help of a brow expert, celebrity makeup artist Renee Loiz and the editors at Color May Vary).More info:

From a budget-friendly option that dries invisible to a luxe formula with nourishing ingredients, these brow gels will have you taming your arches like never before. And while the majority of the formulas have safe synthetic setting ingredients (such as VP/VA copolymers and PVP), look for ones that also include some form of conditioners like panthenol, glycerin or shea butter to avoid flaking and keep your brows soft.

Brow Perfection: The Ultimate Guide to Clear Eyebrow Gel and How to Use It

This cult favorite from NYX has become an Instagram star for its ability to hold your brows in place without altering their natural color or making them stiff. It comes with a small spoolie and has a medium-hold formula that dries translucent and invisible for a sleek, laminated finish. This luxe eyebrow gel is formulated with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter and panthenol to tame your arches for a feathery, full appearance. And the dual-sided brow brush has short bristles on one side and flexible ones on the other for dynamic application.

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