Choosing the Right Moonswatch Band

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Whether you own a new Omega x Swatch collaboration or an old school model, one of the best ways to personalize your watch is with a new strap. The key to a perfect fit is choosing the right strap based on the watch’s lug width and aesthetic, which is why it’s crucial to shop with a reputable retailer. For example, CNS Watch Bands offers a full-satisfaction guarantee for all of their Moonswatch band-compatible straps. Moreover, all of their watch bands feature the correct 20mm lug width, making it easy to swap out your watch with just one click.

Choosing the Perfect Moonswatch Band

With the right strap, a Moonswatch can become a bold fashion statement. Unlike the original Speedmaster, which only comes in earth tones, the Moonswatch collection features multiple wild colors – including an emerald green version inspired by the planet Venus. The collection also includes a Mars-inspired red color that perfectly complements the watch’s red chronograph hands.

The versatility of the Moonswatch makes it a great platform for experimentation. As such, the watch is well-suited for a wide variety of straps, from leather to fitted rubber. The most popular straps for the Moonswatch are probably those from Horus, which feature a distinctive digital camo pattern and bold red stripe that matches the Mars version of the watch. These straps are available for most Moonwatch models and are a fantastic option for those who want to make their watch stand out from the crowd.

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