Choosing a Single Group Espresso Machine

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single group espresso machine

A single-group espresso machine, also known as a 1-group or 1 (one)-group commercial espresso coffee maker, is the ideal choice for low-volume environments like cafes, restaurants, and offices. These espresso machines are small and compact compared to multi-group models, and they’re easily portable for effortless handling and transport.

These one-group espresso machines are also simpler in design and operation compared to their multi-group counterparts. Most feature a manual or lever-operated brewing system and offer the flexibility of both manual and semi-automatic espresso brewing options. They are also typically easier to maintain and repair than multi-group espresso machines, as they don’t use as many moving parts.

Crafting Coffee Perfection: The Art of Single-Group Espresso Machines

When it comes to choosing a single group espresso machine, you’ll want to consider the brew head, steam valves, and a new touchscreen interface that assists in flavor profiling and temperature management. Additionally, you should consider whether or not the brew head is removable and if a separate milk hopper is included for hands-free, hassle-free frothing.

Slayer’s new 2020 single-group espresso machine is a serious barista’s dream. It features a unique heating system that heats up quickly and provides a super-consistent temperature at the grouphead for consistent extraction, as well as a high-capacity steam boiler. Its patented flow control allows you to manipulate extraction by dividing it into multiple stages and adjusting the flow rate based on your desired flavor profile. And it’s made with form and function in mind, so you can customize your look by changing the color, wood trim, and metal accents.

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