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cactus onesie

A Cactus inspired t-shirt for the grown ups.

This cactus onesie tee is a nod to the almighty green thumb with a side of gratitude for our eponymous and the rest of the clan who have a touch more to give.

The one piece is made from a cotton blend and has been hand embroidered with the finest threads in the tristate area. This cactus themed shirt is as cool as it is comfortable, and will get the nod as the new favorite in the household.

How to Choose the Perfect Cactus Print Outfit for Your Baby

You’ll be the envy of your neighbors with this cactus clad t-shirt in the family photo.
The best part is you can buy it in person. The company that makes this tee is called smooch oh and they are located in Westport, CT. They are a mom and pop operation, but they are big on customer service and quality. They have a big happy customer base in the metro stow and beyond!

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