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A good iphone 13 phone case will protect your smartphone from scratches, scuffs, and drops. It will also keep the device looking nice for longer.

What are phone cases made of?

We have reviewed several of the best caseface for the iPhone 13. There are plenty of options from which to choose, from simple and inexpensive, to ones with more sophisticated designs and features. Whether you need a slim and stylish case, or something that will help you keep track of your credit cards and ID, we have found a great selection of options.

Tech21 has been making tough cases for a long time and their rugged Evo Max series is one of the best protective iPhone 13 cases on the market. It has a slide cover to protect the back cameras and a holster you can clip to your belt, plus it’s rated for 20-foot drops. They are also available in a clear model that includes MagSafe.

Another option is Snakehive’s Metro Leather Case, which has a distinctive look and is very eye-catching. It has a nice grip, is MagSafe compatible and even comes with a lanyard. It does add a bit of thickness to the phone, though, which could make it harder to fit into tight spaces.

Smartish makes two affordable wallet cases for the iPhone 13, including the Wallet Slayer 2.0, which holds three or four credit cards and some cash in a sleeve on the back. It has a hardback that fits the phone well and a cutout in the top to avoid blocking the speaker.

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