4 Kettlebell Exercises For a Great Abs Workout

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If you’re looking to strengthen and tone your abs, you can take your workout to the next level by adding a few key kettlebell exercises.

How many kettlebell swings a day for abs?

This is a great abs exercise that targets your core and strengthens the obliques, says strength coach Jason Duncan. Start on the floor with your feet shoulder width apart, holding a kettle bell ab workout | Strong And Fit in one hand.

Slide the kettlebell back and forth under your right arm for 12 repetitions, alternating sides each time. Repeat the move on the left side for 8 to 12 reps, too.

The Plank Pull-Through

This exercise is great for working the obliques and other muscles in your abdomen and lower back, according to Noam Tamir, certified strength and conditioning specialist at TS Fitness in New York City. It also challenges the hamstrings and glutes.

The simplest way to do this exercise is to lie on your back and keep your knees bent while raising your upper body up so it creates an imaginary V-shape with your thighs.

You can do this exercise with any kettlebell, but a heavier weight is recommended for more advanced levels of fitness.

Russian Twists

Keeping your legs close to the ground will make this an effective exercise for targeting your obliques and belly button area. It’s not necessary to do this every day, but it can be a good addition to your routine when you want to target your abdominals or lose a few pounds.

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