best beaches in greece

There are many beaches in Greece that you can visit, but none are better than Myrtos Beach. This sandy paradise is voted Greece’s best beach 12 times in a row. Guests should wear sand shoes when visiting the beach as it’s very hard on thin soles. Red Beach is another must-see, as its red hue is created by volcanic lava. The water here is crystal clear and the red rocks are a unique sight.

Offers A Great Mix Of Leisure Activities

One of the most popular beaches in Greece is Vouliagmeni, which is just 25 km from Athens. The sandy beach is surrounded by pine trees, and it has a tropical island vibe. Famous visitors to this beach include Christina Onassis, Brigitte Bardot, and Joan Collins. The 114 and 116 bus lines connect this beach to the rest of the city.

Another of the best beaches in Greece is Navagio, which was named after a ship that crashed. This beach offers crystal clear water, white sand, and a shipwreck that washed ashore. The trip can include swimming in the sea, exploring sea caves, and visiting a shipwreck. If you’re looking for a different kind of beach experience, consider a Shipwreck Beach Excursion in Zakynthos, which allows you to access a beach while exploring sea caves and other historical sites.

The beaches of Kefalonia and Lefkada offer some of the best Greek beaches. The islands are home to some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, and the natural beauty of these islands is hard to beat. These islands also have some of the best weather in Greece, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the water. This is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Greece.